Lady V Designs (ladyvdesigns) wrote,
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A,B,C,D,E,F,G...... Well, almost ;-)


Limited edition of 2. Sold by pair. Actual antique typewriter keys are the focal points of these ingenius Steampunk influenced cufflinks. Two letter "T" keys in black and tan with antique silver rims are set in lace-edge silvertone settings and mounted on silvertone nickel-plated cufflinks. Other letters may available by custom order while supplies last (pairs of identical letters only) - please inquire. (Description & Photography by E. Barrick from Art of Adornment)

Dimensions: approx. 5/8" (15mm) diameter

To purchase one of these cuff link sets please follow this LINK

As promised, I've made up a slue of Steampunk antique typewriter key cuff links available at Art of Adornment. Have a gander... letters currently in stock:  A, B, C, D, E, G, H, J, K, N, P, T, V, X, & Z. If the letter you need is not listed here see Special Order.

Tags: antique, antiqued, art, art of adornment, artist, available, black, black & white, canadian, cuff links, enamelled, goth, gothic, gothic fashion, handmade, jewellery, jewelry, lady v designs, limited edition, mens, monogram, neo-victorian, patina, pewter, silver-plated, special order, stamped metal, steampunk, tanya mcdonald, victorian, victorian fashion, victorian gothic, victoriana, vintage
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