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Lady V Designs [userpic]

Missing in action:

I’m sure it’s been rather apparent that I’ve been “MIA” for quite a while now. I feel that each of you deserve an explanation. So here it is…

On the home, family & work front, there have been a couple of unexpected events, which has necessitated a very large change in how much creative time I have.

At the moment, I’m just trying to obtain equality on the work / family front. Once things are more balanced, I will be back at the helm. After all, I have boxes & boxes of wonderful delights waiting and believe me I can hear them calling “Come play with us” but I just can’t, family has to come first. Once this is all sorted out, I promise you, I shall be back and I’m sure when I do, the pent up creative juices will overflow with glorious creations!

I extend my appreciation for your patients & understanding while I make these necessary adjustments. Until then, I bid you adieu.