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Lady V Designs [userpic]

Lady V Designs Patina Steampunk Time Capsule Earrings

Limited edition of 4. Fashion captures function: rich dark antiqued copper bead caps with a pointed leaf motif become the tips of vials containing chains of tiny brass gears collected from mechanical watches. Embellished with antiqued gold spacer beads, small metallic coated antiqued copper Czech glass beads, and more brass watch cogs dangling from the bottom. The clear cylindrical tubes are acrylic, so they are sturdier and lighter weight than glass. The hooks are antiqued copper.(Description & Photography by E. Barrick from Art of Adornment)

Length: approx. 3" (7.5cm) including hooks

To purchase this item please visit Art of Adornment by clicking here. Or click image (both will open another window to Art of Adornment )

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